Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin, is one blunt actress who does not care what people will have to say about her as she believes she plans her life and no one can scare her out of her struggles.

The actress, who has not escaped the axe of controversies especially the one she was alleged to have traveled to Mecca because of a man, stated that at-least if she does that she should know she is getting married to the man in question.

In a recent interview with popular TVC programme, ‘Your View’ monitored by, the actress cleared the air that she actually made the traveling to pray for her mother because of the love she had for her.

She explained that being the only child, her mother had suffered a lot because she gave birth to her during menopause and at the time she would have reaped the fruit of her labour, she passed away.

According to her, “I did not convert to Islam because of a man. If any man wants to convert you Islamically you have to get married to him. I traveled to hajj because of my mother. I love my mother so much because of her struggle though I love my father but my mother struggled so much to raise me.

“I have been a Muslim for long but I am just a very private person, I don’t display my life on social media, I don’t just want people to know anything about me because I am afraid of poverty, I don’t like poverty if I am displaying thing about me today tomorrow if it is no longer there, I am going for life. I love my mother so much and if by going to Mecca will make God to forgive her and bless her because the woman, she suffered and died at the time she is suppose to sit and enjoy me, so let me go to hajj and pray to God because of her.” your social media marketing partner