Saturday, Jun 2021

It is easier for one who has experienced the tangy tastes of sweet oranges to dream about orange-flavoured drinks—there is no doubt about it.

This is the same problem that most people are faced with: how does one aim at a goal that once has never yet attained? How does one see beyond the fences that are already natural to the eyes and mind? Unless some other achiever shows one the ropes, the road to success is much too slippery. This is exactly what young DJ Cuppy is doing.

Since sometime in 2013, DJ Cuppy has been a vocal voice in the Nigerian music industry. An artiste, record producer and general enthusiast of music, Cuppy has extended her art to not only include women in less privileged shoes than hers in her music, but also inspire them to surmount the bonds of unfair culture and the oppressive tradition of intentional underachievement, to be the stars they truly are.

DJ Cuppy (real name: Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola) is the daughter of businessman and oil magnate, Femi Otedola. Femi Otedola, the biggest philanthropist in Nigeria at the moment, the man evidently instructed his kids in the ways of success. DJ Cuppy is proof of this domestic education, which explains her lone foray into the world of music and record production—a world in which she has won enough hearts to be queen.

Cuppy has always referred to her flowering years, when she dreamt and aspired to be DJ. According to her, those dreams allowed her to extend herself beyond the expectations and shadow of her father. Now, she is one of those self-made success stories that young people are fond of reiterating to themselves.

8 years in the music industry, DJ Cuppy has won herself a name to reckon with—not on account of her father’s wealth or her mother’s beauty, but her own sweat and skill. Alongside a handful of women like her, Cuppy is breaking every offending stereotype in her way.

To sensible young ladies, DJ Cuppy is a beacon of hard work and determination, and the rare kind of fortitude that just refuses to let go of childhood dreams. That is her legacy—the character of hard work, determination and fortitude

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