Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has said the government is committed to developing the creative and animation industry into a new growth sector by promoting Nigeria’s creativity, and creating a highly-skilled workforce for the industry.

Speaking at the 7th African Digital TV Development Seminar in Beijing, China he said, “the current administration has already created a program called N-Power Creative, a job creation and empowerment initiative by the Federal Government of Nigeria for the purpose of training and encouraging the development of creative and technological skills in young Nigerians such as animation, graphic illustration, script writing, storytelling, sequential arts, and post production.

”With such skills, young Nigerians will be able to find employment in the ever-growing creative and animation industry. Its target will be to equip about 15,000 creative industry professionals across story/script writing, graphics/ illustration, animation, post production by 2017, and that figure should rise to 75,000 by 2020 year end’’.

The minister also has made a strong pitch for Nigeria to embrace the growing animation technology in order to benefit from what has become a $300-billion industry and which represents 25% of the global audiovisual market. your social media marketing partner