Runner-up at the Big Brother Naija show, Bisola has made it clear that there can be nothing other than professional relationship between she and her love interest, Tony. Her body language even showed it aside her speech apparently she is miffed by his deceit of not being married.

Bisola Aiyeola has moved on as more work and fortune has come her way now as Payporte brand ambassador. Wedding Party movie director, Kemi Adetiba hinted working with the mother of one. 
Tony may have gotten his game plan wrong and of course he wished he was in Bisola's shoes. 
Bisola has made it known that there was no bad blood between her and Tony but she respected the institution of marriage. 
“Yes, I did not know Tony was married but I found out later. We can always do things professionally together. I went into the house to have fun; I do not intend to come out to start building a relationship. I have always said that we would be friends outside the show; I am not looking for a relationship with Tony. I have never been married, though I have a child.” 
Though Bisola did not win the reality show, she also came out as a winner. Apart from being declared as an ambassador of ‘One Campaign’ on girl-child education, top people have indicated interests in working with the actor and musician. 
“I do believe that if I was not part of the Big Brother Naija, I would eventually be out there but not as far as the show pushed me. I already have things I am doing before the reality show and gradually I would climb up the ladder of success.”
The first thing her daughter told her on phone after the show, according to her, was “hello mom, I love you and I am proud of you.” For the little girl not to see all that she was doing in the house, she said her family only allowed her watch the Payporte game sessions
She added, “I think other parents should try emulate that too. When you have such a reality show, you should protect your children from it, unless they are 18.”
While it was the first time Efe auditioned for Big Brother and he won, Bisola has tried it for nine years. Being part of the house, she says, means she has won while making it to the final was even a big win for her even though she did not go home with the money. 
“I have always felt Efe was going to win. Even during the diary room session, I said it. I like him from day one and he deserved it. I cannot really say this was what made him win, but I think he has this aura that make people to like him. He was my friend till the end of the show,” she spoke further. your social media marketing partner