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Hardworking and industrious Tony Ezekiel, the founder and CEO of Itex Furniture is a complete gentleman in terms of character, vision, honest of purpose in the volatile business of furniture making he has found himself.

Apart from these, he is at the same time dependable fellow, a humanist, welfarist, man of the people and above all a man of proven integrity, whose achievements and activities over the years are pointers to his potential and ability to make things happen.


Today, Tony, with his incomparable qualities, continues to advance himself in an industry that is not grouped among the key sectors of the economy, but with a combination of integrity, humility, dint of hard work, and professional competency, he has broken the ceiling in the industry.

The exceptional ‘Carpenter’, as the general name for furniture makers was born in 1958 in the Northern city of Kaduna, while  his background and experience have left him devoid of all tribal or religious sentiments whatsoever; and have ultimately made him a versatile and amiable character, gifted with cross-cultural people-management skills. This is further evident in his fluency in English, Yoruba, Hausa, Edo and Ora languages.

He started his ‘Itex Furniture’ operation from a small garage, which has grown into an ultra-modern factory complex to the vision and dynamism of its founder. His unusual commitment to innovation, quality and prompt delivery of excellent customer needs add up to his experience.

Itex Furniture has been privileged to furnish various landmark buildings and has contributed immensely in transforming the aesthetic look, feel and comfort of offices and homes in Nigeria, all of which have made ‘Itex Furniture’ one of the leading furniture manufacturing companies in Nigeria.

Tony has no doubt raised the bar with his ingenuity in several areas of human endeavours and recognition of his achievements in business, humanitarian works and other spheres of life.

Still unfulfilled and obviously angling to break new grounds in the highly competitive furniture industry,  Tony remains unrelenting in his drive to take Itex Furniture to an enviable status among its contemporaries.

Virtuosic family man, Tony Ezekiel is happily married to charming Adeola Olowu-Ezekiel and they are blessed with three lovely children. Tony is definitely taking his game of been an entrepreneur and job provider to the hilt without looking back.