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The global leader in the technologies; NOKIA has clarify and place on record that the have effected constructive and collaborative engagement with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

As result of that, the company's Lagos office has been reopened on Friday 9th September. Nokia's business operations and support to our customers in the country have not been affected by the brief office closure.

Nokia has operated in Nigeria for over a decade, and as in all other markets where we have a presence, we have conducted business with sound corporate governance. We are always mindful that our business success is based upon superior commercial propositions and long-lasting partnerships with regulators, governments, suppliers, customers, partners and employees in all our markets.

We take our responsibilities and obligations very seriously to build a sustainable industry that contributes to the growth of local economies. Nokia remain fully committed to acting in accordance with applicable requirements and regulations when delivering world-class connectivity solutions to the Nigerian market, in adherence with Nokia's culture of high-performance, innovation and integrity.