The Nigeria Broadcasting Commission, NBC has wielded the big stick banning the song, ‘Don’t Stop’ of indigenous rapper, Olamide. Director, Monitoring, NBC Headquarters, Abuja, Chris Okoyomoh said that the placement of restrictions on creative works are not to discourage talented artistes in the industry, but to maintain a sane and healthy environment for children and young adults in the hi-tech world.

Mr Okoyomoh, who spoke on the heels of a recent circular distributed to radio and TV stations all over the country placing ‘Don’t Stop’ by rapper, Olamide Adedeji on the Not To Be Broadcast (NTBB) list due to vulgarism, said that Don’t Stop was not banned but restricted from airplay for not meeting the standard of the regulatory body, stating that if the recommendations submitted into broadcasting houses are met that the restriction would be lifted.
Chris, who spoke on the alleged ban said, “We do not set to discourage artistes in the creative industry. The song was not banned as the media have been reported. It was only restricted from airplay for not meeting the NBC code for standard and decency. We also provided reasons why the song is not to broadcast on our airwaves, but if the artiste decides to comply with the NBC code nothing stops us from admitting it on air. Our role as regulators does not superimpose the creative energy of the artistes, but our concern is on broadcasting stations and what goes on air. We simply want to make the airwaves healthier for unsuspecting minors and children,” he said
According to a memo circulated to all broadcasting stations on 11th March, 2016 and signed by the Lagos Director of the National Broadcasting Commission, Mrs. Cole Bunmi, the song, Don’t Stop was faulted for containing indecent phrases such as “I just wanna hit it now now now”, “Je kin wo be (which means, let me enter the place),” “Don’t stop, take it”, “Oun tami oun ro mi”, “It took your mama nine months to make it”, “wa gba ponron (which means come and let me give you my p*nis).
Last year, the regulatory body had also declared over eighteen songs and videos unsafe to broadcast on air with Olamide’s Shakiti Bobo making the list of NTBB musicals. your social media marketing partner