A gold fish has no hiding place and every human being has his or her own salient attributes and leadership qualities, which vary from individual to individual, especially when they occupy top managerial positions in their respective organizations.

Such potent aphorism could allude to the substantial and impressive leadership qualities which epochal and quintessential banker, Patrick Akinwuntan has severally and effortlessly brought to bear since he assumed office as the MD/CEO of Ecobank Nigeria years back.

As the helmsman of the Pan African bank, Patrick is daily proving pundits wrong that age is not a big factor when it comes to efficient service delivery and well-focused administration, even in the face of persistent opposition from both within his bank and other financial services providers. Since he came into office by a stroke of fate, this quiet and easygoing bank chief has continued to remain focused, stoically, stealthily, and steadily pursuing the growth to the bank, with several products and services that could make even older banks go green with envy.

Recall that since the astute enigmatic banker, Patrick, came into office as Ecobank head honcho few years ago, the bank was experiencing some low moments in terms of operations, ineffective products and services vis-a-viz unpleasant customer service satisfaction, but upon his arrival at the bank, things took a complete turnaround in virtually all areas that make a bank the leader in the pack among its ilk, and these, in fairness to Patrick Akinwuntan, all these attributes can only be alluded to him, on account of his excellent and efficient managerial expertise and due diligence, having been in the system and traversed many banks and financial houses in his over 30 years uninterrupted experience and exposure to top-notch banking, all at very sensitive positions.

Indisputably, Patrick is a professional banker par excellence, with an intimidating pedigree and acumen through which he acquired his relevant banking experience across key positions including Executive Director, Retail Bank, Ecobank Nigeria, Group Chief Finance Officer, ET’, Group Executive Director, Operations & Technology, amongst others, under the parent umbrella group, Pan African Bank.

This astute banker of note and distinction among his peers has maximized his almost three years in office as Ecobank MD, to win, garner, and record different milestone awards, recognitions, laurels, and medals to the bank’s archives, with innovating bank products and services which have ultimately brought the bank back to its glorious days of yore as the strongest Pan African bank in Africa.

With Akinwuntan’s expertise and innovations, Ecobank now ranks among the top 10 in the comity of commercial banking in the country, and it is still not done, breaking unassailable grounds here and there.

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