Whenever you hear of a beef between two stinking rich men, it is almost certain that it is about one trying to outwit each other on the business turf vis-a-viz more money acquisition and continuous wealth, especially when they belong to the same industry.

This is exactly what has been playing out in recent times between these two mega bucks businessmen. Controversial billionaire businessman, Kola Karim, is not your regular run-of-the-mill deep pocket, but is one industry top player that has been very successful in his many business ventures. Karim always avoids the klieg lights and those wild parties like a plague, but prefers to be seen in the circles where he’s negotiating and sealing deals. Right now, Karim’s Shoreline Energy International, an industrial conglomerate that swept up former Shell Petroleum’s assets to join the vanguard of Nigeria's indigenous upstream revolution is facing a litany of accusations from another big time company in the industry, OMS, owned by another astute businessman, billionaire Captain Idahosa Okunbo. Okunbo’s OMS is variously accusing Kola Karim’s Shoreline Energy International of dealings in endemic acts of criminality, smear campaigns and oil bunkering, as they relate to the Trans Forcados Pipeline (TFP), a vital piece of Nigeria’s national oil infrastructure, which is capable of transporting barrels of oil per day. OMS, in an open letter that ran virally in the public domain, called on the Presidency among others to open an investigation into the allegations against Karim and his company and expose the truth. In the wake of this damning, Karim has not been taking the matters lightly and has been making moves to douse the tension the allegations have been gradually and swiftly generating.