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Many must still be wowed by the staggering money base of Skye Bank MD, Tokunbo Abiru, as he is said to own choice properties and wonders-on-wheel that run into billions in local and foreign currencies.

For example, he is said to have once been settled by now embattled oil wheeler-dealer, Jide Omokore, with a Banana Island Property and a Mercedes Benz G Wagon over multi-million Naira loan gone awry. Tokunbo, as a top management officer at First Bank, is also believed to have made humongous money through supporting business tycoons. Curiously, however, the former Executive Director of First Bank Nigeria Plc, would not have been able to acquire such luxury, had he not toed the path less-taken in his feverish pursuit and acquisition of money. Abiru cultivated the money habit very early in his banking career and pursued it in markedly different tradition from the ways of his peers. Of course, he saw money as the perfect means for bribing his way through the inconveniences of life, appreciating also that it matters in the mix, in his pursuit of ease, comfort and luxury. While many of his peers gained from their wealth only for the fear of losing it, Tokunbo gained tremendously from his amazing wealth, comfort, contentment and a deep sense of purpose. While he served as ED of First Bank, Tokunbo made tons of money and he also helped a lot of Nigerian magnates to do same. For instance, it was during his tenure as ED that the bank lent out money to the highest number of people, especially the troubled billionaire businessmen, Jide Omokore, chairman of Atlantic Energy Drilling Concepts Nigeria Limited, and Kola Aluko who he loaned a reported N120 billion naira which is today non-performing. It was also during his tenure that the bank suffered the highest number of non-performing loans. Thus, many businessmen made their fortune via Tokunbo’s very accommodating loan schemes. It never mattered to them that they were playing with other people’s money, poor, helpless customers to be precise; they simply lusted and groveled for the good life which Tokunbo’s fixation helped them achieve. At his new mansion in Banana Island, Tokunbo has on display the choicest and most expensive automobiles. His houses in Swiss Cottage, and Colindale in London combined are worth over whopping 10 million pounds. Those close to him say he has a water-tight defense for his lifestyle; that some of those automobiles and properties are mere gifts. Indeed, oftentimes, a billionaire debtor would give a bank director the gift of a new car, apartment in a highbrow area or return tickets to exotic vacation spots anywhere in the world, to induce the bank director to provide illicit cover for them. Consequently, rather than ensure that their billionaire friends refund loans taken, senior bank staff actually teach them to avoid repayment even as they provide the culprits protection from any sort of backlash from within the bank. It is however not only to Omokore that Tokunbo is beholden; he is eternally in the debt book of former Lagos State governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. As a major shareholder in Skye Bank and with the enormous political influence at his disposal, Asiwaju did not break a sweat before nominating and installing Tokunbo at the helms of affairs of the bank. Although two other directors of the bank were allegedly appointed and installed by powerful persons in the presidency, Tinubu typically muscled his way through to install his stooge. But that is as good as his story gets; by crook or other suspicious means, the Skye MD has been able to suppress the unpalatable news about the role he played in the devastation of First Bank loan acquisition by Omokore and co. This might not be for too long as investigators are already hot on his trail. Now we know the source of Tokunbo Abiru’s mysterious wealth; forget about his MD/CEO position at Skye Bank.


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