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Have you ever wondered which internet data services suit you for your job and projects? The need for quality data and voice services in telecommunication cannot be overemphasized. With the present GSM Networks also striving to be in the frontier of offering the best data internet services, the competition seems stiffer.


However, from our investigation, one company that has laboured to be above the rest in internet data services is Ntel. The company which inherited the comatose Nitel GSM infrastructure. NATCOM has positioned itself to give Nigerians quality services at affordable rate. Having invested in expensive but qualitative fibre optic communication, the company is now the darling of Nigeria in Code Division Multiple Access CDMA technology. And now with the arrival of 4G LTE, Ntel stands tall in delivering standard and efficient data services.


Many have attempted other services like Glo, Airtel and MTN modem but still unsatisfied with their delivery. With other internet data services like Spectranet, Smile; Ntel is still the preferred product in terms of non-interruption and seamless internet service. With up to 240 mbps quality speed, Ntel has been able to solve major problems that people in this part of the world face with internet data. The company led by Kamal Abass, aims to do more and make Nigerians smile. Ntel has become the most advanced company in 4G/LTE technology.